Hello, and welcome to my blog. My name is Katie Burry. I'm a twenty-one-year-old homeschool graduate who grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan in the flat, flat state of Illinois. 

A Northern-born gal with a southern heart, I currently reside in one of the many harbor-towns in southern Wisconsin, and I'm loving every minute of it. I have a habit of waxing poetical; use punctuation that hasn't been considered correct for a number of years, and hate conforming to social norms.

I currently work full-time as an assistant manager for one of my favorite clothing/home decor companies - Francesca's - so you'll probably see a lot of pieces from them in my What I Wore posts. 

Want to know more? Here are some of my frequently asked questions:

Q. How do you pronounce your last name?
A. It's pronounced like the word "berry" - and yes, my name does rhyme with Katy Perry's.

Q. Where does the name of your blog come from?
A. "That Katie Girl" comes from one of my favorite books of all time, Anne of Green Gables. In it, people often refer to Anne as "that Anne girl." Since I've always been able to relate to Anne and her love of modern fashion; but an old fashioned, "romantic" way of life, I decided to pay homage to her with my blog title.

Q. What kind of camera/lens do you shoot with?
A. All of my photos are taken with either my iPhone 6 or my Canon 60D. I have three lenses for my Canon but I most frequently use my Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 "pancake" - on the rare occurrence that I don't, I'll use either my 50mm or the standard kit lens that comes with most Canon cameras (it works well as a decent wide angle lens for a fraction of the price).

Q. Did you/are you going to college?
A. I have not, nor do I have any plans to attend college at this time. I'm not against it, and it's a great choice for a lot of people, but my heart lies in retail, so I chose to put my time and energy into working up the corporate ladder that way. Maybe I'll change my mind and go back to school someday, but I just don't see that happening at this point in my life, since I'm making decent money doing what I love with no debt.

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