Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rebel // What I Wore

{shirt//F21 :: sweater//thrifted :: leggins//Lysse Leggings :: boots//local boutique :: bag//Emma Fox via T.J. Maxx :: necklace//local boutique :: hair clip//gift}

How was everyone's Saturday? Work was really slow and we had way too many people scheduled to work, so I actually got to go home pretty early - which was rather nice. I went to lunch with my sister, and bought my kitty some new bowls - I love spoiling him.

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with a friend for breakfast before church and then I have no plans for the afternoon. So I probably clean my room, no? And of course there will be a heavy dose of Supernatural and Being Human - I mean, that goes without saying, right? I hope so.

♥ ♥ ♥Hope everyone's weekend is great! ♥ ♥♥

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  1. Cute outfit! :D I missed yesterday. *cries* BUT! I already have today's post up so that counts as something.....Right? :) Oh yes, and I'm gonna start Being Human soon. I'm in the middle of only one tv show right now. That's saying a lot. I'm usually watching like five at once. But, as I've just finished season 2 of "24" that leaves me with only "Leverage" and SPN, which is only on once a week. Which means....I have room for Being Human! XD Oh wait. I take that back. I'm also watching "Prison Break". Uuuugh! Netflix, I hate you!

    Ok. I'm done. Goodbye. Have a lovely Monday. Ta-ta!