Thursday, July 30, 2015

Where the Corn Grows Ten Feet Tall // What I Wore + Meetup with Hannah

Holy posts, Batman! I'm so behind! These pics are from the beginning of July when I drove further into my beloved Wisconsin to meet up with Hannah of The Outfit Repeater! We spent the day thrifting, eating ah-mazing BBQ and taking outfit photos - of course!

Getting to meet online friends for the first time really is one of my favorite things to do - especially if it takes me to towns I've never been to before! Hannah was a total doll to show me around her hometown, and boy oh boy is it adorable! Nestled among farms and ranches, it's seriously one of the best towns I've been to (and did I mention the unbelievable BBQ restaurant she took me to?)

I was trying to be frugal with my money so I didn't buy a whole lot while thrifting, but I did get a frame for my art wall as well as a cute vase for on my dinning room table. After that we went to take some outfit pictures (and Hannah further proved what a doll she is by letting me borrow an SD card since I left mine at home), and then we stopped at Culver's from some much-needed frozen custard before I had to hit the road back home.

I couldn't help but stop at Big Hill Park on my way home though (what can I say? The name intrigued me) which is where the last photo was taken. The park was simply breathtaking and I can't wait to go back sometime and further explore it!

All in all it was a great day. Thanks so much for being my hostess, Hannah! We have to do it again sometime soon!

Outfit details:
jeans - Target :: shoes - target :: top - Francesca's :: sunnies - Francesca's :: purse - Francesca's


  1. You look adorable and that is quite the view!

  2. You look adorable and that is quite the view!

  3. BABES! <3

    You both are wonderful! Sounds like you had a great day!


  4. How did I never leave a comment on this post?! I sure as heck know I read it. This was a really fun day and I'm so glad we finally met IRL! :)

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater