Sunday, December 15, 2013

Love While We're Young // What I Wore

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I feel like ever since I graduated high school I've had trouble with friends. When we're in high school we don't have much control over our lives, so we're all more or less going through the same thing. Once you graduate and start making decisions for yourself things get a little more difficult... Sometimes after graduation you realize that people you thought you had a lot in common with in high school, actually couldn't be more different than you. Sometimes you loose friends, and it sucks.

The good thing about graduating, though, is that you're no longer stuck with the people closest to your age at social events anymore. You're able to meet people older than you from different places in life, and sometimes those people can turn out to be fantastic friends.

While I was in high school I obsessed about what I wore. I used it as a shield when I felt out of place or awkward. Since graduating I've really come out of my shell, made some fantastic new friends, and my style has really come down a notch. I've been loving more casual, laid back outfits. If I could describe my ideal style it would be "effortlessly fabulous." Like I just got out of bed, threw on an outfit and dashed out the door.

This is what I wore last month to see Echosmith live. They're a new-ish band comprised of four, home schooled teenagers/early-20-year-olds, and they're really quite talented. The show was fantastic and I had a fantastic time.

 Post title // Let's Love by Echosmith 

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  1. I'm so glad that I found your new blog! I've followed your previous one for a while and got worried that you had abandoned ship after I didn't see any updates. Needless to say, it's lovely to see you blogging again :) I can absolutely relate to this. I haven't quite graduated yet, I'm also home schooled, but it's definitely a process to discover yourself and your own genuine style, apart from wearing clothes just to fit in.

    On a side note, what lipstick are you wearing with this outfit? I've seen you wear it before and it's such a pretty, vibrant shade. I love it!

    xoxo, Alesha