Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Summer Day Dreams

Lately I find myself longing for summer. I miss driving with the windows down (and not slipping all over the road), being able to walk outside without my cute outfit being hidden by a jacket, and just going out and doing things. Winter just seems like such a dull time for me. Everyone in the retail world is broke because none of us have many hours, the roads are bad, and even if you can go out it's just not as fun. Plus this lack of sunlight is seriously killing my mojo. Right now I'm dreaming of sunny, sixty-degree weather. (Who am I kidding?? I'd love to see 50!)

So right now I'm looking at some of my favorite pictures from last summer, and dreaming of the suns warmth. At least it's almost February. I can handle February pretty well, but January is seriously the worst. It's definitely the biggest "Monday" of the year.

In other news tomorrow the store I work at is doing inventory so wish me luck!

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  1. January is the worst month. It's always been my least favorite. I can't wait for the warmth and longer days to come back. I hate feeling trapped inside by the snow and cold! I am someone who thrives on being outdoors, and I hate not being able to be because it's just so freezing! I am definitely ready for spring - the warmth, the florals, the pretty colors. Let's hope it comes early!