Monday, January 27, 2014

Twenty Before Twenty-One

Wow I'm really stinking at this whole "post every day" thing lately, huh? I justify it by the fact that I've been working on several of my "twenty before twenty-one" goals - which I'll post about later.

In the mean time, I figure that since I turned 20 over a month ago, it was about time I shared my "twenty before twenty-one" goals on here!

1. Get a vehicle
2. Learn how to scrap book + complete a 2014 scrapbook
3. Take at least two college classes
4. Get a tattoo
5. Get my own place
6. Get my own cat
7. Take at least six road trips (day trips count!)
8. Do more photography
9. Get a musketeer hat and sword
10. Go to Bristol Ren Faire more than twice!
11. Loose 25-30lb
12. Get better at horseback riding
13. Get rid of all the crap I own that I don't need/use
14. Bake more
15. Go to school to become a counselor
16. Send out Christmas cards
17. Learn how to keep my room clean for more than two weeks
18. Get my FOID card
19. Read my Bible regularly
20. Learn to swing dance and Renaissance country dance


  1. #4 #4 #4 #4 #4! I fully support that one!

    Whatcha thinking?

  2. I'm totally doing this for my upcoming birthday.