Tuesday, May 13, 2014

All Good Things; All Good Things // What I Wore

 {shorts//Francesca's :: top//Francesca's :: cardigan//my mom's :: shoes//Ked's :: lipstick//Kat Von D's Painted Love in "Underage Red"}

I was talking to Laura today about how life is finally starting to look up and she responded with "All good things. All good things." in her best Olaf impersonation. So she's pretty much my favorite person ever now.

The latter half of 2013 was pretty depressing and awful. My kitty died and I was stuck in a dead end job that I hated every minute of. I gained 18lb in 5 months, and felt alone and just blech! But I have a new job now - that I love; I've lost 13lbs and am happy with how I look; run my first 5k; and I'm moving out in the autumn. Things are definitely looking up!

So now that things are starting to get better I'm trying to focus on getting back to the things that I used to do and that made me happy - like blogging and putting more effort into my appearance (which is a heck of a lot easier when you actually like the way you look!) I'm also trying to get more into the Word, and am starting a new devotional this week, which I'm really excited about! It feels good to getting back to my old self. 

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