Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Unspeakably Awesome // What I Wore

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In the words of Lizzie Bennet: 
"You know, some days are bad. Like when you trip in the hall after science class and your skirt flips over your head just as the senior you have a crush on is rounding the corner. Then there are days that are just 'ok.' Maybe you find a twenty on the sidewalk, but you also get a parking ticket. Then there are days are just so unspeakably awesome and everything is perfect and wonderful."

That was this past weekend for me. After working eleven days in a row I got a three day weekend - which was ah-mazing! Friday I got to hang out with three of my favorite people in the world, Saturday I had a good ol' lazy day, and Sunday I actually got to go to church!

Friends make the world go 'round. Sometimes you just need a weekend of shopping, laughing, deep talks, chocolate and smiles to make the world seem brighter, and the load lighter.

I can be insecure sometimes. I hide it well, but it's there. I'm loud - very loud - klutzy, a dork and I definitely don't weight what I'd like to. Sometimes I have trouble remembering that other people see more than just that. I like myself the way I am, but sometimes I think I just annoy other people or that all they see is the loud, crazy side of me. I don't know why, but it definitely helps to hear that someone thinks I'm cute, enjoys spending time with me, etc - even if I do kind of think "me!? I'm just the dork with three inch long un-dyed roots!"

And speaking of crazy-long roots: one of my coworkers honestly told me today that she loves how my hair is going out and how it's like a reverse ombre. Glad to know I don't look like a total looser - even if I didn't plan this at all and it is just from total laziness. Who knows, maybe I'll keep it a while. Maybe...

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