Saturday, October 11, 2014

Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore // What I Wore

{sweater//local boutique :: shorts//Francesca's :: tights//Francesca's :: scarf//Francesca's :: necklace//Francesca's :: boots//Bussola :: bracelets and watch//borrowed from work :: purse//Emma Fox via TJ Maxx}

My name is Katie. 

I'm kind of weird sometimes. 

I love Gaelic folk music - I can even sing along to several songs in Gaelic. 

I don't read new books - not that I don't love the stories, but I'm very particular about writing styles and would rather spend my time reading the classics. 

I eat raw cookie dough by the spoonful. 

I have the first two scenes of the Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring committed to heart. 

I believe that the 1995 adaption of Pride and Prejudice is the only version worth watching. 

I'm for gun rights.

I have a special fondness for period dramas.

I live life with my own personal soundtrack via my iPod.

I relate to Anne of Green Gables more than any other book/movie ever.

I'm loud. 

I'm crazy. 

I have a lot to say.

I'm nerdy.

I'm home schooled.

I'm me, and I won't change for anyone on this earth, so don't bother asking.

I am who I am. Take it or leave it.

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