Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dear Future Husband: Why I'm NOT Waiting for You

Dear future husband,

I remember writing letters to Santa Claus when I was a child (and the easter bunny, and the tooth fairy - what can I say? I had a lot of questions!). I remember that as I started to get older I started to feel like maybe they weren't real. Maybe there was no one on the other end of my letters. I feel very much the same now.

See, this time last year I thought I'd met you. I thought he and I were a match made in heaven and would spend the rest of our lives together. That's when I did something I swore I'd never do: I pinned a lot of my worth on that relationship. More than enough to make me blush when I think back to that time in my life. Then it ended. That was a healthy reminder of how finite our human nature is - and our words.

Things got worse after that, but through it all I felt the strong hand of God in my life. A constant reminder of His love and presence is our lives. He showed me first hand that I have everything I need in Him. So this letter is to explain why I'm not waiting for you.

I've spent most of my short life wondering when my life would "begin." I think somewhere in the back of my head I think I thought that meant meeting you, because when I had my first boyfriend I felt like I had somehow accomplished something. As if I was now magically closer to the life I've always wanted. I woke up six months later with no boyfriend, few friends, and no closer to the life I'd always dreamed of. That's when I realized that maybe this wasn't what God had in store for me - in more ways than one.

I don't think God meant for me to spend my time waiting for you to come into my life - in fact, I don't even know if He has a "you" planned for me! He knows every detail of my life, and if he wanted a significant other in my life at this time, you'd be here now. Since you're not, the only logical assumption is that He has something else laid out for me now, and I don't want to miss it or waste it by pining away for you!

If you're out there I know that God has a fabulous future planned for us, and I know that we'll love each other dearly - but I also know that no one will ever love either of us more than our Heavenly Father. He is more to me than you ever will be, and I hope you can say the same thing about me.

So I'm not waiting for you. I don't think about you when I get dressed and whether or not you'd like what I'm wearing. I don't think about you when I go out shopping, and whether or not this is something we could use in our future house; and I don't think about you when I'm making life decisions. The only opinion that truly matters is God's, so that's what I think about. I think about how I would feel standing before Jesus in my #ootd. I strive to make my home a warm, and welcoming place so that through it I can show His love; and I try to discern God's will for my life in all decisions. I hope you're doing the same.

I hope you're not living or waiting for me, because I know that if we are both focused only on God nothing else matters. It won't matter if you're really out there or not if I'm finding my worth in my Lord and Savior. And if you are out there, everything will happen according to His will as long as we both put Him first in our lives.

If we can serve the Lord better together than we can on our own, I know that will happen. But if we can bring more glory to God singly, then I hope I never meet you. I hope I go on living life as a single woman, doing everything I can to follow in the Lords perfect plan for me. The most important thing to me is that when I get to the pearly gates I am welcomed in as a good, and faithful servant - outside of that nothing else matters, and I hope the same is true of you.

Your (maybe) future wife


  1. I really really like this post. I love the way you worded your thoughts so clearly and honestly. I love the line where you said, "I hope you're not living or waiting for me, because I know that if we are both focused only on God nothing else matters. It won't matter if you're really out there or not if I'm finding my worth in my Lord and Savior."

    I think us single ladies get discouraged because we are focusing on what we don't have. We don't have a typical family life of our own, we don't have a husband or children. Instead we should be focusing on what we do have. And we have the love of Jesus and God's favor and that is the single most important thing in the world. If we are unsatisfied now -- we will be unsatisfied when we are married. If we are not living now, there is no saying we will truly be living fully when we are married. Really anything we chase after other than God is a vain thing and we will feel empty inside because it won't satisfy our souls.

    So yes, I love your thoughts on this matter. <3

  2. "But if we can bring more glory to God singly, then I hope I never meet you." I couldn't agree with this line more. Heck, I couldn't agree with this whole post more! Thanks for writing it out, Katie!

    -Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  3. I loved this post and that it's not another I'm not waiting for my husband because Jesus is my boyfriend posts (I kind of loathe that sentiment....)

    Just got out of a rather smothering relationship that I let get to far because at 28 I was tired of waiting around for my husband, so kind of assumed the first guy who showed interest in me must be "the one".

    I had always tried not to wait, but the song, When Will My Life Begin, from Tangled pretty much could have been my theme song. I'd always planned on getting married, never really had a plan B,so it's been scary planning for a future that might not include a husband, but I've never felt more at peace with my singleness surprisingly enough and am getting back on track with the Lord and your post made me cheer and was very encouraging!! Thanks!! =)