Friday, November 8, 2013

Skull and Crossbones // What I Wore

{blouse//Plato's Closet :: jeans//Target via thrifted :: flats//Me Too :: dog bracelet//H&M :: flower bracelet//gift :: watch//Francesca's Collections :: necklace//Betsy Johnson :: bag//Emma Fox via T.J. Maxx}

Lately I've been drawn to unusually casual outfits. Not that this is really casual, but coming from the girl who wore dresses seven times out of ten this sudden addiction to jeans feels so out of place. Seriously, though, I want almost every pair of jeans I see in stores. No joke.The skull pattern of this blouse is also out of character for me - I think something about being almost 20 is making me crave pieces with a little bit more "grown up" or "edgy: feel.

On another note, what do you all think of my purple, dip-dyed hair? I never thought I'd experiment with colored hair, but Katy Perry's purple hair was just too tempting not to attempt! It's faded into a warmer purple since I dyed it over a month ago, so one of these nights I'm going to slap some more purple over it. Maybe I'll do that today since I have the day off...

I have to work tomorrow (one of the many joys of working retail is that you have to work three out of four Saturdays. Awesome.) but I took today off since I had a concert last night and I knew I'd be getting back late. It also allows me to catch a matinee of Thor 2: The Dark World - or, as I like to call it "Loki three!" But really, is anyone actually going to this movie for Chris Hemsworth?

Who else is going to see Thor 2 this weekend?

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