Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

1. Friday night at home alone with my Chipotle burrito, pie and He's Just Not that into You
2. What I wore to the drive-in movie theater on Saturday night, the cute retro commerial there, and the amazing popcorn I made.
3. Delicious food at Chilli's + diet coke for a tired Katie
4. A great cookout at my friend Kelsey and Jack's house Sunday night
5. Bonfire after the cookout
6. An early 3.7 mile Memorial Day run with Kelsey

I hope you all had a good holiday weekend! Mine was super great. My parents and my two little sisters were out of town, so Maddie and I had the house to ourselves - which was a nice change of pace. Here's how I spent my weekend:

Friday: On Friday night I was home alone since Maddie had a party, and it was great to just chill out alone with good food and one of my favorite movies: He's Just Not that Into You while texting some of my best friends.

Saturday: I worked Saturday morning but after I got off Maddie and I met up with some friends at the local drive in movie theater to see X Men and half of Godzilla (we got tired and quit half way through). It was super nice to just chill out with some good friends, under the stars with a great movie - even if it was a little cold.

Sunday: Maddie and I had to get up early for church Sunday morning (which was super hard after being up till 1am the night before!), but after that I got to go out to lunch with some of my best friends while Maddie went home with some of her friends to hang out. I love having actual friends at church - it just never gets old. Then I went home to hang out with Maddie and her friends before going over to Kelsey and Jack's house for a cookout/bonfire which was a blast! The food was amazing, conversation entertaining and all around just a great time. I seriously just love my friends.

Monday: I had to work Memorial Day, but Kelsey and I were able to sneak in a run down to the harbor beforehand. 3.7 miles later we were hot and sweaty, but it was worth it. I really love having someone to talk to when I run, and I definitely want to do more runs with this awesome lady in the future!

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