Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dropped Out of the Sky // What I Wore

{dress//Francesca's :: boots//Bussola :: socks//local boutique :: cardigan//Maurice's :: scarf//Francesca's :: necklace//Francesca's :: purse//Emma Fox via T.J. Maxx :: belt//Target}

 "My life was so boring before you just dropped out of the sky."

I'm not sure how I got to this place in my life, to be honest. Molly and I were just talking the other day about how crazy it is that we're both more-or-less where we thought we'd be after graduation. She's at home writing and photographing while learning about Charlotte Mason's approach to teaching; while I'm moved out of my parents house, going to work surrounded by pretty things everyday, and in a relationship with the best guy I've ever known. Seriously how did we get here??

I feel like everything happened in a whirlwind - most of which I wasn't even looking for... Basically life kicks butt right now and I'm happier than I've ever been in my life. Here's hoping the last two months of 2014 are just as fantastic as the last ten have been.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Loving Him was Red // What I Wore

{jeans//American Eagle Outfitters :: sweater//Francesca's :: army jacket//borrowed from my roommate :: scarf//Francesca's :: boots//Sorel :: purse//Francesca's :: necklace//Francesca's}

This purse and scarf have quickly become two of my favorite autumn accessories. The (teeny tiny!) size of this purse is a nice change of pace from my usual, bulky Mary-Poppin's bag; and this sweater seriously feels like wearing a blanket around my neck. It's so warm and cozy!

This outfit is super simple and casual - so different from what I was wearing last year! Like I said in my farewell post on Beautifully Pure, I was trying so hard to be one of the "cool kids"/hipsters last year. I know I talked a lot last year about how my confidence had grown, but that was nothing compared to how I feel now!  God has really worked in my life the last year, though, and I've let go of all that and am happy just being myself - as a result I'm drawn to more minimalist, comfy-casual but chic outfits.

Honestly, how I've dressed in the past has really been a bit of a mask. I felt that I needed those a-line skirts to hide my tummy and big thighs and all those colors and makeup and lipstick to hide my under-eye circles and tired-looking eyes. Like I said, God has worked in me a lot this year. One of the most important things I've realized is that the people who love me will think I'm beautiful no matter what I wear, and the people that will criticize me don't matter.

And since we're talking about accepting my flaws - can we take a moment to appreciate how often I've been posting photos of me smiling with teeth!? That used to be something I was super self conscious about, but lately it doesn't bother me. Maybe it's the fact that I've recently realized that several of my friends hate their smiles, too, despite the fact that I think they look adorable smiling with teeth. Or maybe it's the fact that closed-mouth smile just can't express how unbelievably happy I am with my life right now. Who knows? Either way I'm happy to see myself making progress in this whole "self-love" thing. ♥

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore // What I Wore

{sweater//local boutique :: shorts//Francesca's :: tights//Francesca's :: scarf//Francesca's :: necklace//Francesca's :: boots//Bussola :: bracelets and watch//borrowed from work :: purse//Emma Fox via TJ Maxx}

My name is Katie. 

I'm kind of weird sometimes. 

I love Gaelic folk music - I can even sing along to several songs in Gaelic. 

I don't read new books - not that I don't love the stories, but I'm very particular about writing styles and would rather spend my time reading the classics. 

I eat raw cookie dough by the spoonful. 

I have the first two scenes of the Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring committed to heart. 

I believe that the 1995 adaption of Pride and Prejudice is the only version worth watching. 

I'm for gun rights.

I have a special fondness for period dramas.

I live life with my own personal soundtrack via my iPod.

I relate to Anne of Green Gables more than any other book/movie ever.

I'm loud. 

I'm crazy. 

I have a lot to say.

I'm nerdy.

I'm home schooled.

I'm me, and I won't change for anyone on this earth, so don't bother asking.

I am who I am. Take it or leave it.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Today was my day off. Much as I love my job at Francesca's, it's nice to have a day to chill at home (especially since I'll be working all weekend). The day started with Chinese food for lunch while marathoning Supernatural with my favorite guy's arm around me; and after there was cake while I caught up on some of my favorite TV shows alone on my couch at home. It was a good day.

Did I ever mention that I moved out of my parents house last month? I don't think I did, but that happened.

I now live in Wisconsin. I think it's funny - it almost feels like fate, if I believed in that sort of thing, I mean. I've kind of always had a thing for Wisconsin. I love the northern-country-ish feel of it, and how woodsy it is. Even my graduation pictures ended up being taken in Wisconsin, and of course the renaissance faire is a huge selling point.

Now I'm twenty years old, and I just feel like my life fits in Wisconsin - if that makes sense.

When I was in high school I read the first three Anne of Green Gables books, and Anne of the Island quickly became one of my favorite books. In it, Anne goes away to college and ends up renting out a house called "Patty's Place" with three of her good friends and a cat. It was my favorite part, and I've always wanted to have something like that in my life. For the first time ever, I feel like I do. I may not have a cat anymore, but I have a church that I love just two minutes from my house; two of my best friends for roommates, and an amazing guy (who lives just ten minutes up the road).  I have a life here in Wisconsin. I have a home.